Student & Young Professional Best Paper Awards

The Student & Young Professional Best Paper Award Winners Announced.

The Student & Young Professional Best Paper Awards are sponsored by Sumitomo Corporation.

We are a Kyushu-based 100% subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation.

Since 2007, “photonics-electronics convergence and optical transmission technologies” are our major focus as one of the promising key technology, supporting our customers with prototype fabrication including dedicated run and MPW (Multi Project Wafer).

Sumitomo Corporation Group is also focusing on the development of various applications based on this key technology. As a member of the AIST Silicon Photonics Consortium, we are coordinating AIST MPW services and collaborating with volume production ready fabs such as Advanced Micro Foundry (Singapore) according to customer needs including our customer support for fiber assembly, allowing us to promote these technologies for social implementation.

Student Best Paper Winners

Louise-Eugénie Bataille      
STMicroelectronics, France

Title: Millimeter-long antennas for optical-phased arrays

Kaiyin Feng
University of California, United States

Title: On-Chip Monolithic Integration of QD Lasers Coupled to Foundry-Processed SiN Waveguides on 300 mm SOI Wafer

Gaolei Hu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Title: Multimode-Fiber Imaging Using a Wavelength-Scanned Integrated Optical Phased Array

Young Professionals Best Paper Winner

Koji Takeda              
NTT Device Technology Labs, NTT Corporation, Japan

Title: III-V-on-Si Membrane Distributed Reflector Lasers with Intermixed MQW DBRs